Juneau Hydropower and its subsidiary is a different kind of energy company. Instead of looking at quarterly profits and what must be accomplished in the short term, we take the long term view and work backwards ensuring that we provide the most cost effective energy while ensuring that we perpetuate our community values that is based on respect for our environment and appreciating that natural beauty and setting that Juneauites calls home. We welcome you to our information and want you to know that we work hard every day to bring you sustainable, clean, renewable hydropower that you and your children’s children can be proud of as we work together to build sustainable communities. Juneau Hydropower wants to be your key partner in maintaining and building Juneau as a leading sustainable community that you can be proud of.

Juneau Hydropower was developed in late 2009 after Juneau suffered not one, but two devastating avalanches that took out Juneau’s Snettisham hydropower resources crippling our local economy. A supposed 100- year avalanche event happened two years in a row. The scarred avalanche chute along the Speel Arm is a stark reminder that Juneau’s energy security is precarious as it is precious. Juneau Hydropower grew out of the notion that Juneau deserves energy security and that energy matters could be better planned and executed to ensure that Juneau always had the sustainable hydropower resources it needs today as well as for tomorrow. Being local, we figured it was better for us to control our energy destiny together than to leave our energy decisions to decision makers outside our community. Yes, we have heard that new energy sources like biomass pellets and importing fracked natural gas are the “in” thing for speculative energy investments. However, consider that Juneau was built on hydropower and has fueled our capital city for over 100 years. It is hard to argue against a tried and proven energy model that if done correctly, is sustainable for multiple generations. Our initial Juneau Hydropower portfolio of facilities was built before the fossil fuel boom of America and these legacy hydropower along with the Sweetheart Lake Hydroelectric Facility will be here long after fossil fuels are the dominant fuel source driving the American economy. Juneau is Hydropower and always will be. So energy fads and speculative ventures will come and go, but nothing can replace low cost, clean and sustainable hydropower electricity to fuel our local Juneau economy now and for future generations.

Juneau is Hydropower. Our aim is to do good by our community values and serving Juneau, everyday.